Swim Throughout the Summer

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There's a better way to enjoy summers in the East Texas heat. Preferred Pools Inc. offers pool design and installation services in the Whitehouse, Texas and Tyler, Texas areas.

We install gunite pools. We take care of every step of the process, from pool design to post-construction cleanup. Gunite pools use rebar framework with a concrete and sand mixture sprayed over it. They have more flexibility in shape and size than fiberglass pools.

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5 things to consider before building a pool

Building a pool can be expensive. Before you start the design process, take time to consider:

  1. Whether your land is suitable for pool construction
  2. Where you'd like the pool located
  3. What shape and style of pool you'd like
  4. Any special features you want to add to your pool
  5. Where you'll put the machinery and equipment

Contact Preferred Pools today to get started on the pool design process in Whitehouse and Tyler, TX.